Timewaster: Plain Sight

By 10.02.2009 Trash

Plain SightPlain Sight: Ein 3D-Multi-Player-Action-Spiel mit Robotern, Bomben, Schwertern und völlig verrückten physikalischen Eigenschaften. Was will man eigentlich mehr?

Plain Sight is a multiplayer arcade game that uses death as a tactic, not a punishment.
You’re a little robot. You start with one point. You get more points by killing more robots. As you get more points you get bigger, faster and better.
However, you only get to bank these points if you blow yourself up.
The bigger you are, the bigger the bomb. The more people you take out in the explosion, the higher the multiplier to your banked score.
Respawn and repeat the process – the player with the highest banked score wins.

Derzeit läuft ein zeitlich begrenzter Betatest. Es gilt also schnell zuzuschlagen und das knapp 40 MB große Spiel downzuloaden.


Link: plainsightgame.com

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